Article at Art Practical by Anton Stuebner

Against Automatism, at fused space, attempts a rebuttal “to a world where mechanization rules.” The works implore viewers to consider the relationship between “the maker’s hand” and “the body as the origin and destination of art.” The dichotomies suggested here—between mechanical reproduction and handwork, between devices and bodies—are deeply provocative. But these considerations never fully rise above suggestion, and Against Automatism offers a tenuous comment on how creative practices can resist reductive forms of categorization that automaticity precludes.

Article at 7x7 by Nathalie Pierrepont

Amongst the blocks of non-descript warehouses in Potrero Hill sits a graffitied building housing fuseproject, the world-renowned design studio founded by Yves Behar. But that’s not the only thing that sets this building apart from its humdrum neighbors. In June, Behar opened FUSED – one of the few, if not only, exhibition spaces in San Francisco that celebrates the intersection of art and design – in the same building.

Article at T Magazine by Brooke Hodge

Fused, a new exhibition space devoted to exploring the increasingly frequent intersections between art and design, opens this week in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. The gallery is a collaboration between Jessica Silverman (of the namesake San Francisco gallery) and the designer Yves Behar. As Behar was building a new office space for fuseproject, his multidisciplinary design studio, he decided to include a gallery space as well. “Traditionally, design agencies have an exhibition space to show their own work,” Behar said. “I found that to be a little static and boring. There are a lot of creative businesses in Potrero Hill and I wanted to provide a space where a conversation between designers and the art world could happen.” Silverman will curate a program of exhibitions for Fused’s first year, while continuing to run her own gallery.