MOTHER NATURE: Elements and Archetypes

Curated by Isabelle Sorrell

“When we kept the lights on.”

William T. Vollmann

“Archaeological materials are not mute…
The images [of the Goddess] that existed for so long did not vanish. They are still there with us. …The meaning of life is discovered through creativity and the knowledge that we are interconnected with the entire natural world. When we deny this, meaning is shattered.”

Marija Gimbutas

In divisive times our collective subconscious manifests itself as a reminder to our common source:

In the beginning were the elements
And then dawned the awe of the above and the beyond. The sacred and life Giving life.
Water element, as in”if there is no water there is no life.”
Life as Mother Earth.
Mother Earth personified in mother-being. Giving life.
Water, warmth and Light
Wood and tree. Tree of life
Taken and –
left Coal, Ice and flying particles.
What happened to mother’s sacredness?