leo villareal – spacetime

fused space is pleased to present “Spacetime,” an exhibition of domestic-scale light sculptures by Leo Villareal, creator of the Bay Lights. The works offer immersive experiences through carefully constructed compositions of LED lights, arranged in geometric forms. Each artwork evolves over time and is built from the ground up with hardware and software developed by the artist and his team. Rooted in the art history of abstraction, Villareal’s dynamic sculptures also look forward to a new world.

Villareal focuses on stripping systems down to their essence (such as pixels or the zeros in binary code) to better understand the underlying structures that govern how they work. Inspired by science as varied as Newton’s Laws and John Conway’s Game of Life, the artist seeks to create his own sets of rules, which incorporate elements of chance and produce works that move, change and ultimately grow into complex organisms. Villareal’s works adopt random sequences of compositions whose opacity, speed and scale speak to the beauty of the revelation of code in light.